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«Discover APELS, a programme to reintegrate young people into the world of work through sport values»

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Mordjane Hamici joined BNP Paribas Personal Finance in February 2020 as a Client Relations Advisor at Nanterre's CRC in Expert Customer Credits department.

Mordjane was able to carry out this apprenticeship as part of the APELS program, in partnership with BNP Paribas Personal Finance. Each year, the Group welcomes between eight and ten young people from the APELS promotion.

APELS is an association that accompanies young high-level athletes, few or no graduates through program combining training and apprenticeship in order to make them aware that the values or skills acquired in sport are transferable in a professional environment.

A program that requires motivation and seriousness, in order to develop soft-skills necessary to sports practice, but also to life in business: team spirit, confidence in oneself and in the other, self-overtaking and the challenge.

It is these common values, between sport and the banking sector, that pushed Mordjane to join BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

Cécile Torre, Proximity Manager at Nanterre's CRC in Expert Customer Credits department, followed Mordjane since she joined the Group. She does not fail to highlight Mordjane’s determination, evolution and potential:

"Mordjane is a driving and stabilizing force on the ground throughout the Covid crisis. She grew and matured quickly in her job. She was able to meet each of her challenges without running out of steam. I have full confidence in Mordjane’s rigour and seriousness for the future."

Thanks to her qualities, Mordjane obtained a Permanent Contract in January 2021.

Mordjane will also be the tutor of the new APELS co-op student, and more broadly, she plans to become the branch’s Client Advisor Relay.

Mordjane’s path is a great example of personal and professional development, which could inspire other young people. For BNP Paribas Personal Finance, APELS program allows to meet motivated young people, with a great ability to adapt and a huge determination. This is truly a win-win partnership!

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